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Website Design

I love to create something unique for the client whilst keeping the site easy to navigate with a clean, clear layout.

I’ve had a fair chunk of experience building sites, so I think I have a bit of an edge when it comes to designing. I don’t think I have a “house style” – each client has differing needs and audiences. The website design should reflect the client’s business – not me!

Here are a few of my favourite sites that I’ve designed. The agencies I work with usually furnish me with a wireframe and a brief to work from and after the design is finalised, I provide layered photoshop files for the web developer to build from, though I generally work in Illustrator.

I tend to use 12 column grids nowadays for adaptive / responsive sites based on the Bootstrap system, but I can adapt to other structures. The level of finish is important to me too – I avoid using stock buttons and prefer to create icons and elements from scratch to fit the style of the site.

I’ve also created Flash sites and applications, as well as email broadcasts and animated GIF (pronounced however you see fit) banners.

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