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Bringing the story to life.

Telling your visitors the story of the site or explaining what they might see around them is always about more than just displaying text with images.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve enjoyed being involved in…

Great source material like photos, diagrams, maps, reconstructions and artist’s impressions are a the best way to get the message across and enhance your copy, but the layout needs to combine the elements and be kept clear and legible.

Layering the information is important part of the design. The layout should work for the casual observer who might only take in a few images and read a couple of titles, and also for the visitor who wants a more thorough experience.

The design may also need to work together sensitively with any existing colour schemes, fonts and material that you already use, websites, printed information and other signage.

I’ll call on my experience in signage, layout design and illustration, and work with you to find the best way of presenting your site information in an engaging and accessible way.


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