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Aerial Illustrated Maps

Flat ‘street’ maps are great, but 3D-style aerial illustration maps are so much more accessible for your visitors.

Reading the abstract shapes on a two-dimensional surface and translating that to a real-life environment can be a very difficult task. With this style of map people can quickly understand where they are and how to get where they need to go so much more easily.

This style of map illustration is great for visitor boards, site interpretation, visual reconstructions and attraction signage, as well as printed maps.

I mostly use Adobe Illustrator to layout my maps in vector format which means they can be scaled to any size without losing their sharpness. Each item is created by hand using a graphics tablet, and sits on a different layer and can easily be edited in the future. So if a building is knocked down or a new road added, it’s a straightforward job to amend the map.

If it’s something more textured and hand-painted you need I can also produce watercolour painted or pen and ink illustrated maps. Once the map is completed I supply you with detailed scans of the finished illustration in most bitmap formats – JPG or PNG for example. Not as editable as the vector of course, and with limited enlargement size but they have huge charm and character.

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