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Museum Display Boards

This was a very interesting project for a local steam railway museum. There was a great deal of engaging visual source material to work with.


The style is influenced by the traditional railway graphics but with a fresh colour palette. The traditional colours for the Dee Valley line are a strong cream and chocolate brown which seemed a bit dark for the information panels, so I adjusted the cream colour to a fresher green/grey and then worked on a palette of colours for each board that would work with those two base colours, making the boards brighter and visually more attractive.

I thought the timeline would work well as a kind of railway with the important years in a station’s history as ‘stops’. That gave me a clear pattern to work with for the layout, and it provides visitors a very strong sense of the history of a station. I made the lines dotted – like a disused line – for those periods when the station was out of use.

There were boards for each station along the Dee Valley route, from Llangollen, via Berwyn, Glyndyfrdwy, Carrog and finally to Corwen…




Corwen-Museum-board-GLYN-panel-2000-x-1600mm-v2 well as panels about the history, industry and culture of the town…





…and a set of panels to welcome visitors to the museum




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