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Wildlife Characters

These character style wildlife illustrations are designed to be appealing and child-friendly but also showing the real-life shapes and colouring of the animals in the environments they would be found in.

They were used on a set of interpretation panels for a children’s trail and boardwalk on the North Wales coast. As a way to introduce visitors to the wildlife, the trail uses the story of a lizard who visits each of the characters in turn to find his lost tail, only to find that during the search his tail has grown back.

I produced preliminary sketches of the animals to show the client, before moving to develop them in Adobe Illustrator with a graphics tablet.


2-Larry-+-Salmon-3 3-Larry-+-Oystercatcher-3 4-Larry-+-Burnet-Moth-2 5-Larry-+-Turnstone-2 6-Larry-+-Skylark-5

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