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Artist’s Impression of Village after 1066

An excellent project I worked on with Ivor Coleman (Hi-Clarity Communications) for St Nicolas Church in Pevensey.

Part of the brief was to depict how the village of Pevensey might have looked before and after the Normans landed there in 1066.

Pevensey around 1150 after the new stone church was completed

I started with the basic street layout, and the shape of the land at that time and worked with an historian to build an image of how the village looked many years after the invasion.

Interestingly Pevensey is no longer a promontory and is now far from the sea due to sedimentation.

I then pared back that illustration, removing the newly-built stone church and the shiny new Norman fortifications, to show the village on the point of the ships arriving. The Normans built their castle on top of a Roman fort which you can see the remains of in the before impression.

1066 – the Norman fleet arrives!








A time-lapse recording of the illustration…

As part of this project I also worked on a logo design and leaflet layout.

The main illustration was used in printed material, information boards and signage:

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