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Local Authority Icon Set

This is a set of over 170 icons I designed for my local district council – Powys – for use on their website.

They had already been using the excellent open source icon sets Geomicons Squared and Wired, but needed some more specific icons for their various services. Each icon was provided at 128 x 128 pixels but still had to be clear at its smallest size – 32px x 32px.

It was interesting developing a kind of consistent grammar for the icons, so, for example, all the search icons were contained in a simple magnifying glass icon, anything to do with certification is contained in an unfurled “certificate” and so on.

It was I must admit a bit of a challenge sometimes as the subject might be very specific or not easily converted to a visual cue, for instance “How to open pop-up shops and Meanwhile Uses” or “Report a dead animal on the road“. See if you can spot those two!

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