Lolly-lover’s Guide to Joseph Dobson’s Mega Lolly flavours

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I absolutely love lollies, but was always disappointed how few flavours are available so I was very pleased to discover Joseph Dobson’s range of mega lollies. Joseph Dobson is an old Victorian firm that still makes traditional lollies. They’re slightly bigger than chupa-chups, and last about twenty minutes, and so many varieties!

I’ve been enjoying my random selection I bought online, but as they didn’t come with a selection card I made one.

I made it into a PDF so I can quickly click on a flavour to buy it from Amazon, so I thought I’d tart it up a bit and put it online for anyone to use.

Let me know if there are any flavours missing – always keen to try something new!

– D


Joseph Dobson Lollies – a Spotters Guide


Christmassy Coconut Ice


Finally finished my sweeeet gifts for Christmas and got 10 bags of festively coloured coconut ice.

They were all going to be an icy blue to begin (and I was going to call them “Coconut Ice Cubes” or “Coconut Ice-nine”) but owing to the fact they came out quite creamy coloured, adding blue created a fetching green! So I made some pink and kept some plain to dip in Green & Black’s dark chocolate and it turned out well in the end! Continue reading …