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Eurovision 2016 Bingo and scorecards to download

I’m having a few people round for a wee Eurovision gathering tomorrow night to watch the events as they unfold (sorry, invitation only!) I thought I’d make up some silly bingo cards with a few traditional things you might see or hear on the show. And I’ve combined them with scorecards.

There are 15 different cards, each on an A4 sheet for easy printing. Each bingo grid is 5×5.

Not decided on prizes yet but will probably be a prize for a full row, one for a full column and one big prize for getting them all.

15 page PDF is here for download in case anyone wants it for their own gathering.


Come on UK!!!

This is my list of bingo items by the way…

attempt at riverdance, cool leather jacket, man with earring, ripped jeans, hairy epaulettes, smoking bra, blue hair, curtain of fire, fingerless cloves, hoop dancing, ghost wolf, naked bloke, head banging, face paint, hologram, nappy, bloke in a dress, feather in a hat, trainers, disco floor, dead tree, bowtie, ridiculous hat, stripy stockings, glitter ball, love heart, deeley-bopper, bunch of carrots, yellow balloon, red balloon, bunch of flowers, welsh flag, union jack, unconvincing moustache, outrageous padded shoulders, revealing décolletage, heartbeat, operatic singing, reaching for the sky, standing/sitting on a box, diamond glove, pole dancing, topless dude, black lipstick, goth, man with too much eye makeup, illuminated costume, gold buttons, sequins, bare midriff, table dancer, invisible baby-rocking, panda hat, monocle, white dress, man with a sword, leather top, tassels, claw hands, mask, ripping off clothes, rapping, a trip up, pop-up flowers, hoodie, somersault, tutu, tambourine, wailing at the sky, panama hat, talk-singing, nil points, fake tan, crying, message of peace, dodgy english, “Thank You Europe!”, a country gives their neighbour 12 points, singer winks, UK finishes in top 5, dry ice, someone mentions ABBA, wind machine, smoke machine, accordion player, technical glitch, kneeling or laying on stage, singer is lifted by dancer, hair extensions, audience boos, romantic duet, UK awarded 10 points, whistling, singing out of tune, cute children, national costume, rainbow flag, glowstick, “Building Bridges”, a bird flies, bad animation

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