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Country House and Grounds

Harewood House near Leeds, with its beautiful architecture, gorgeous grounds and crumbling castle was a very enjoyable commission.Harewood-map

I worked with their graphic designer to create a map of the estate layout to be used in a booklet as a double-page spread. So from the outset I needed to find an angle that showed the buildings off well but avoided the dreaded fold.

Here I’ve tried to subtly show the curve of the hill crest sloping down from the church to the house and towards the lake.

It was a challenge to include fine detail like the formal gardens and lake paths as the map covers such a large area.

I started with a much more vividly coloured version, but that needed to be dialled back to match the feel of the booklet. I’m very happy with the resulting muted tone – it feels much more appropriate than my original palette.

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